To Buy Art is to Follow Your Heart

To buy art is exciting, but can be quite a challenge too. Preferably the artwork you buy, brings joy for a long time. But how do you know you found the right piece? A few guidelines.

How to buy art?

You can start by educating yourself, and learn which styles you love. Here Instagram is useful; it’s a great way to explore artists and galleries around the world.

Think carefully about the placement of the artwork, which room, how much space you have there, and how the light in the room changes during the day.

Think about the size of your artwork, how large do you want to go?

What color scheme do you have in mind – do you want it to match the colors in your interior, or do you want it to add something different?

Are you looking for an artwork that blends in, or stands out?


Where to Buy?

There are many ways to purchase art, and buying art directly from the artist, makes the lines as short as possible. Especially now that artists can offer a safe online purchase experience, buying directly from the artist is easy as ever. Not only does it ensure you that you are buying original art, we can imagine it makes the purchase all the more pleasant with personal contact! That’s why we invite everyone to get in touch with us if you want to learn more about Ronald’s process or the story behind a specific artwork.

Trust your Intuition

We believe it’s important to use your common sense when buying art, but even more important: to follow your heart.¬†Trust your personal taste and intuition, and buy something you really love. Especially when the artwork matches your budget.

Have a look at our collection of paintings, photography and limited editions. Maybe you will find something you fall in love with..